Riders of Hyboria: What's going on with White Horses?

Several friends and I seem to remember white horses having white manes and white tails, but since the Follower II update or further back, they look like this now:


Looking around, I found this screenshot which I remember being an official image released with Riders of Hyboria and is currently displayed on the Steam store page, even:

And lastly, this video also showing a white tailed horse around the time ROH came out:


Seems like an unintended change?


I have this bug as well. I really don’t like it. All of the horses I had made previously have changed from white mane and tail to black now. It is a retroactive change to all white horses, so far as I can tell.


My white horses also have changed to black mane and tail. I notice that the face has changed as well comparing the 2 pictures. Its also darker. Kind of defeats the “white horse” idea.


Yes, I agree. It is not as advertised anymore. I actually bought that DLC mainly for the black and white horses, if I’m honest about it. So now my main desire from it is broken. I hope they’ll fix this quickly.

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