Ridiculous PERMA Ban on Conan unfairly next level 2.0

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This post won’t help your case.

Good luck.

I agree with you, criticism never works, even if it is the truth. And opening a case didnt helped me either. But the action taken against me is just unreasonable.

This is possible. On my official server i have a Clan member called Ragnar and a few weeks ago another Player camed to the server, guess what name he has? Ragnar :rofl:

I think the steam id is the one that makes the difference between players using the same name on a server.

There’s a dozen posts saying Funcom nevers bans anyone.
Now there’s a dozen posts saying Funcom banned too many.

Classic example of damned if you do, damned if you don’t right there.


Try to appeal the ban, sometimes they dont check anything and just ban so if you didnt do anything illegal you may be unbanned.

On the other hand I see very strange things lately: entire clans of hackers use all kinds of cheats in the game, they are rained with reports and when they are banned they are temporarily banned, or only some members of the clan. I would understand that they use alternative accounts but it is not the case: I am tired of seeing the same players from the same clans who have been banned for using haks to play without problem.

Then someone says something out of tune in the chat and a permaban falls on him … Incredible, I understand that Funcom has a complete secrecy of how its bans system works but it is at least curious, because it gives the impression that some are allows more than others.

more like funcom again shows their incompetence by banning the wrong players even with their own funcomID system.

classic funcom.

Hey there,

Please submit a ticket to our Zendesk platform to appeal a ban, as specified in our Official server rules and procedures: