Riding Horse in Water causing constant graphic flicker

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]

Since the PS4 update, in single player and online it is causing a graphic flicker whilst travelling on horse in water. Every second it flickers the Character graphic, visually annoying. Was not doing this prior to update, but now it’s doing it every time we travel through water mounted on horse.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Mount horse
  2. travel through swimming depth water
  3. see the Character graphic flicker every second

I don’t see that effect when I ride through water with a horse.


OK well if others aren’t experiencing this, that’s good. I definitely had this issue all yesterday. So hopefully its just a local connection thing. I’ll check across the several servers I play on and see if still an issue.


PVE official server 1020.
Playing Online. P.C.

Hi, I have also been getting this issue since the 2.4 update. The issue is when riding the horse through DEEP water where it has to swim. As the horse gets near the shore it cannot walk out of the deep & into the shallow water then out of the water. It’s as though it is hitting a wall. I have to dismount while in the water & then the horse will walk out. Very annoying if enemies are on the shore.
Riding through shallow water is not an issue

so wish I was :((

So I’ve tested this again across a few servers on PS4, and it’s not so bad in online on the servers I hit.
BUT in single player mode. Still having this issue. If the mounted horse swims, the mounted character does this graphic flicker (like for a second they’re in a slightly different position on the horse, then they’re correct again, then flicker then correct again.

So confirming: online seems ok. Single player I’m still getting this issue.

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