RIP Server Transfers

So, I see the login message disappeared stating that server transfers were disabled. And the button is COMPLETELY removed from the in-game menu. Why was there nothing said about this in the patch notes?

I wonder how many people, like me, uploaded multiple characters from years of playing this game before taking a break, and now have nothing to return to for 3.0

What gives, Funcom? Are you sweeping us under the rug? You can’t seem to “fix” server transfers but you had the time to develop and release 3.0 with micro-transactions? I guess this is in-line with how you’ve treated your players to this point. I mean, you added un-announced terrain changes multiple times, swallowing my and other players’ bases in the process. And then allowed griefers to weaponize the report system to kill off some of your most devoted players.

Well done.

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Im pretty sure they will return. Many people have their chars on maps they dont wanna play on. I dont think funcom would do something like that. Be a little bit patient and im sure you will be happy soon. Dont worry, be happy!

Greetings Exiles,

The character transfer feature wasn’t removed from Conan Exiles. It’s intentionally paused because of backend issues. Our team is working on a solution and you should hear more about it in the future.

Please keep an eye out on our announcement channels. Thanks for understanding.