RIPPED OFF of 200 HexCoins

I spent 200 hex coins on an Agent at the shadow trader and got a second agent Carter even tho there are plenty of other agents I do not have. I tried using it in the hopes that it would upgrade the agent I had but nothing happened. To add insult to injury it is bound and I cant sell it on the AH. The only thing I can do is sell it back to the Shadow Trader for 4 Hexcoins a LOSS OF 196 HEXCOINS!

This needs to be fixed! They cost way to much to risk buying something worthless.
They need to be an agent you don’t have or unbound or worth more to sell back if they came from the shadow trader!


May I suggest changing the title of the thread to something like “The unreasonable loss of 200 HexCoins”

Getting angry is fine and proper but it’s hard to sell a change to a dev when when the title sounds like you gonna murder them.

That out of the way I get your issue. Even with farmed agents it’s frustrating to get doubles. Maybe they at one point soften the system to increase the chance to give new agents (You can’t always get new agents since you at one point run out of avaidable agents of a certain branch)
Btw. How much did the 200 hex coins cost you? Never played around with them.


And this is a prime example how people should take more attention in mathematic classes during their school days. :slight_smile:

One thing I really don’t get is why all the stuff from the agent booster packs is bound. It would make them a lot more appealing if you could AH the stuff you don’t need.


It would lessen amount of $$$ people spend for Aurum to buy these packs imho.

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there is nothing to fix, it has been announced, you just have to read.

Actually, the thread title is pretty much conclusive proof there’s something to fix.

Customers actually feeling ripped off is a sure-fire way they’ll never spend money again.

(A system that seems mis-designed in the sense it seems massively likely to cause such feelings is also a sure-fire way to get another group of people to not ever spend in the first place, but I’ve given up talking to the Funcom brick wall about that.)


I can agree that the agent system isn’t really ideal the way it is. I -did- buy the booster packs out of curiosity… except now I have all the “Blue” agents…so the incentive to buy the booster packs is way low to me. I would just be vendoring everything for hex coins in the hopes of getting to 200… which might give me the one purple I have. If I could give my duplicate agents to friends or even to MYSELF ON MY ALTS, it’d be worth buying a pack now and then, but as it stands, there’s too much reason to think all I’ll get is duplicates. It’s like how even if I had most of the stuff, I’d risk buying the party bags in TSW because hey, at least I’d get some coins and I’d give everyone else something too, even if I didn’t get something. But not being able to send agents to my alts (and I have three, so I’d love to be able to… but I really want Amir on my main and if one of my alts got Amir from me buying the packs, I’d be SO BITTER so I won’t risk packs on them) or not even being able to give a friend the excess gear… bleh. It diminishes the desire to buy packs… thus Funcom has stopped getting money from me again. Either duplicate agents need to be worth more hex coins from the pack since you can do NOTHING with them, or ideally, we could at least transfer them to a friend in game even if we couldn’t AH Them- the best case scenario would be being able to unlock them on an alt if you get a duplicate. But right now… there’s just no incentive to give Funcom more money and that seems counter-intuitive. Of course, I’m all for there being very slow or steady ways to gain hex coins in the game so people would feel less frustrated if spending them didn’t yield a good result. A mix of this sort of system would make me more willing to occasionally hand over money again just for a booster pack when I have spare change… but KNOWING the chances of me getting anything good is extremely low and knowing the hex coin amount I’d probably get… bleh.


I did indeed buy boosters and sell the garbage for Hexcions which is how I had 200 hexcions to spend on an agent.
The issue is that you get 4 hexcions selling an agent and the bag cost is 200 to buy and 4 sell back.
This is not equitable.
If I spend 200 hard to come by or expensive with real world cash I expect to receive something useful back either an agent I don’t have or being able to sell or trade it for one I haven’t got.

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