Rise of the Kingslayers (Heavier RP Light PVP WHITELISTED Pippi Mod)



Greetings Rkbrock! Thank you for your interest! You will need to read rules in our discord and have an interview to be approved.


Arena event last Saturday! King of the hill, All v beasts, one on one PVP, archery contest! Much RP generated and fun times had by all!

Events every weekend. Some related to server story lore, some just good fun times!


Big combat event involving movers in the server lore, as well as blowing stuff up and looting coming up this Saturday! Excellent time to join and see the fun!


Player numbers are rising higher and higher, and this saturday will be another great arena event! Come check us out!


Still time to join us before the arena event tomorrow! Come check out our discord and say hello!


I am interested in checking out the server, but the IP address appears to be different, and there is a server password. Is this an open server or is there an application?