Rise of the Kingslayers (Heavier RP Light PVP WHITELISTED US-EU-AUS)

Still alive and kicking if you think were dead

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The rules are ideal for RP but still having PvP be one possible outcome, which is excellent.

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Role play exquisite

Server lore so beautiful

Good Community

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Trying to build home

No Kos nor offline raiding

Still impotence feared

This looks like an interesting server, but is there room to build? Some servers get jammed up with non active bases and such.

Server still going strong, plus plenty of space while still hitting the 20 players peak times, since this server is adminned and maintained with care and properly

Give us a try, and see if you understand why we have been around for 6,5 months

Sounds pretty darn good. I am having some performance issue’s and some upgraded ram should be here in a few days which I hope will solve the problem. After that I think I want to check this out. I have some concern since I’m on the west coast, but meh.

Our server is located in Dallas, so who knows… Ill pray for you :wink:

Server still alive and kicking, more unique events are on the way!

New server events on the way!

still rocking, new admins appointed!

New event on the way! Great succes!

Moving to a new host soon! Better performance is on the way!

We have moved to the new host now. UBber SSD, Uber CPU clockspeed and priority! No lag anymore when it comes down to server side!

Event this sunday! Meet our new character, and shape the story yourself!

Still kicking! New storyline!

Tried to log in, but it says it’s an old version.

GTX server

Patreon powered server

Both sides of pond great

It should be all good now, server is still kicking!