Rising in ranks of your society

Hello! Returning player here wondering something:

When you rise in the ranks of your society… do you… need to do something? I somehow remembered that you were called back to your headquarters for a quest but maybe I am remembering wrong? In any case, nothing happens for me, and I am wondering if I am missing something?

The Templars, Illuminati and Dragon all have several Society-specific quests as you progress up in rank. The quests are usually different for each Society.

That’s exactly what I remember. How do you actually get them? Whenever I do advance I get a call (I am Dragon) and nothing else. No quest, no nothing. I even tried to look around in Seoul on my own but still nothing. :frowning:

How are these quests triggered?

Faction ranks work differently in SWL compared to TSW. You rise in rank automatically every 5 levels. The final three faction ranks are acquired by completing Into Darkness, Venetian Missile Crisis and Rogue Agent which become available on the Paragon Board in Agartha once you have completed the Kaidan story and have reached Elite-3, 4 and 5 IP respectively.

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So there are no quests before the final three ranks?

No. The only other faction quests are the ones between Solomon Island and Egypt, and Egypt and Transylvania respectively. But those have nothing to do with ranks.


Right! Thank you for clarifying! :clap:

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