Risk vs Reward Askew

So today my peer and I set out to explore and delve. During our multihour escapade we cleared Den of the Wolf Brothers; killed 2 3-skull boss mobs (Giant Bear and NE Coast Skeleton Boss); and multiple 1 skulls.

We got nothing.

The chests held basically crap; a lot of dye… and spending 10-15 minutes with thrall/pets battling the bosses we received less hide than the average bear. We even scoured the surrounding area extensively for hidden chests.

We love the look and feel of the new lands; our home building is basically done and it’s time to explore/delve…but taking risks right now is proving very unrewarding/demotivating.

You used to kill a boss and get a key; nearby there would be a chest with a legendary. Now we are fighting for trash.


There are still 3-skull world bosses that drop skeleton keys. The skeleton key loot chests are not near them anymore, but they can be found around the Tower and inside the Vaults.

Perhaps, but you shouldn’t kill 2 bosses and get nothing. Then clear a dungeon and get… nothing.


nevertheless stone and iron bars in final vault chest… c’mon


Most worldbosses still give skeleton keys. I don’t know why you got nothing out of the dungeon - are you playing on a server? It’s possible the chests hadn’t refreshed. Nearly every time I clear a dungeon, all the chests inside and especially the ones at the end contain good stuff. Eldarium, hardened steel, other crafting components, crafting recipes, etc.

Don’t write off the new system after one loot run, there’s a lot to be had out there. That eldarium has a million uses in this expansion, eldarium by itself makes clearing the dungeons worthwhile. It’s used for researching legendary weapons/armor, crafting said weapons/armor, powering convergence traps to spawn in unattainable resources, summon surges, etc etc.

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We killed that same bear boss and got only thick hide and demon blood.
Nice resources for early game but i dont need to fight a 3 skull boss to get them. Especially when the point of killing it was to get a legendary or key.

The reward for this is questionable considering there is a 1 skull boss that always drops a key, on the cliff above the den of the wolf brothers, who takes less than a minute to kill, as opposed to 15 for the bear.

I assume it is just a spawn table issue with a newly implemented boss in an early access map.

Curiously though, I did get full shelter while fighting him.

The vaults for me so far have been good. Lots of eldarium and good loot and the one time i remembered to bring a key, i got a (disappointing) legendary - Impailer. Guess thats 1 for the dismantling bench.


Yeah, that sounds like they should give that boss some reason to exist.

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I think our groups issue; is due to how resource rich some of the valleys are; you can get T3 weapons/armor/building materials fairly quickly…

Now that we feel secure; it’s time to explore the world. Spending the day out and about; you want something for your time investment…

Getting “hardened steel” in a chest when you are already crafting weapons from it… is very “meh”

Sure we take it… but still…and the boss chests in the dungeons… it was more exciting to take home the hides from the kills for tar production than any loot within.

I guess we’ll focus more on the center gameplay and eldarium… but playtime should balance risk vs reward.

As an update, 11 1 skull mobs killed; 3 skull mobs killed. Still no keys.

Combine this with the chests protected by 3 stars granting such valuable resources as 3-4 hardened still; when we are already manufacturing them in bulk…

The only return on investment so far is running the elder vaults for Eldarium…

I’m trying really hard to enjoy the game play; but I am having a hard time understanding the vision; why are we playing; what is the overarching goal.

In Conan Exiles it starts off with survival; expands to exploration; then dominance; finally escape.

The isle seems like a huge hamster wheel at this point with less bait to keep us running; more obscuration and less clues as to how the systems work and tie in together.

  1. Different vaults have different loot tables.
  2. All vaults have legendary chests inside for you to use your keys. I had a vault that had 3 legendary chests inside. Usually, there is at least one of them up.
  3. Vaults give eldarium which is needed for delving and surges.
  4. Vaults are easy thrall xp and a lot of tar.
  5. Vaults give some mats that you can’t farm in the world.
  6. Vaults give sigils.
  7. Vaults have a chance for Unnamed City Recipes (all of them) and important feats such as the Weapon Oils and highest tier modification weapon/armor kits.

Considering how easy they are to do, I would say reward >>>>> risk when it comes to vaults specifically.

World Bosses:

  • Some give crazy op items.
  • Some give legendary repair kits.
  • Some give keys (100% chance when harvested) and fragments.

Sure it is not 100% chance for items but still, find the ones that are worth killing.

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Exiles was a joke map where you can reach end game in literally one day. All t4 thralls, all strong end game recipes, etc.

Yes, some world bosses definitely need adjusted loot tables.
The giant rocknose is one of the harder 3 skulls and only drops a skeleton key, while a black yeti which is far easier to kill also drops a skeleton key. There’s no point killing the giant rocknose with that being said.

One skull bosses never gave loot, they are primarily demon variants of animals and they give demon blood when harvested. Should they give more? Maybe, and that would require a bit of a boss overhaul as some 1 skulls are insanely easy while others are a bit harder. Every 3 skull has a loot table/skeleton key.

But what bosses are you even killing??

I’ve farmed almost all world bosses in the map (3 skulls, some 25+ times) on official and they always either give a skeleton key or have their own unique drop table. There are some new bosses that drop unique Siptah recipes which are super low drop rate-- maybe you’ve killed one of them and got nothing which is why you’re complaining.

I have run these vaults endlessly since release. The frequency of something worth a damn in the end, IF IT IS EVEN THERE, is way too few and far between.

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This mirrors how I have always felt about certain Bosses back in the Exiled Lands. Two examples which I have always called attention to on this matter were the Green dragon, the White dragon and the Red dragon (not to be confused with the Red Mother. Aside from the green dragon dropping a head, these 3 bosses all drop identical loot to the baby dragons. As such, there is no real incentive to battle them aside from novelty value.

The point I make is that as you said CodeMage, bosses need a reason to exist, and to entice us to do battle with them, and certainly more than just the one time. I do hope that these three unique dragons will recieve just that in the future


The last 7 vaults i did had no legendary chest in, i want to play on your server.

I got a reinforced stool and some practice swords reccipe… wooo…

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The 3 chests were in Fiends. The higher tier vaults tend to have more chests.

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