RK2019 FAQ, Read me!

Anarchy Online RK2019 FAQ

So, a new server eh?

Yup! Rubi-Ka 2019 launches today and is our unique take on a fresh-start experience. Subscribers are invited to start anew with a pure experience - with no expansions, lower level caps, and a untouched economy to begin!

Subscriber-only, right? What does that mean, exactly?

As long an account is subscribed to Anarchy Online, that account can log in and play on the new server. If you have an existing subscription on an account, that account can log in as soon as the server’s online. No extra payments or actions needed!

If you don’t have an active membership now or at any time, that’s fine: as soon as you start or renew a subscription on an account, that account can log into the new server.

Wait, so how do I actually play on RK2019?

You may notice a new dropdown menu on the AO Launcher, next to the Settings button. Simply select “Rubi-Ka 2019” on that menu and start the game up. That will take you to the new server.

What about froob (free) accounts?

RK2019 is for subscribers only. Free Accounts will not be able to play on this server, although they can of course still play on the regular server!

Am I allowed to transfer a character from the regular server to RK2019?

ALL players must create a brand-new character on RK2019. You are not able to transfer characters or items between servers.

Can I reserve my name on the new server?

Name reservations are not available on this server.

How long will the server be open?

The current plan is to run the server for 12 months - however, if near the end we see the community wants to keep it going, that is an option we are not taking off the table.

If the server closes, what happens to my character?

If the server does end, characters do not carry over from RK2019 to the original server.

Will there be an Item Store, or Heckler Juice?

The item store will be available on the new server. However, some items will not be available such as Heckler Juice.

What about the level caps and expansions? How will those be handled?

The server starts with no expansions and a low level cap (10). The level cap will be raised periodically (and based on your feedback), and expansions will be added to the server over time. We’ll release the expansions in sequential order, meaning:

  • Notum Wars
  • Shadowlands
  • Alien Invasion
  • Lost Eden
  • Legacy of the Xan

The timeframe in which the expansions will be rolled out is not set in stone and is, again, based on your feedback.

What about balance, mechanics, and systems? Are those being reverted?

We are not reverting any code, systems, or balance changes with the new server. Existing mechanics and systems such as damage caps, falling damage, XP loss, Improvement Point (IP) menu, profession balance, PvP, etc. will not be reverted from how they currently are.

Features introduced with expansions, such as Shade and Keeper professions as well as ACG/Daily Missions, will be reintroduced with their respective updates.

Okay. What about the Global Market Interface (GMI)?

The GMI will be offline at the launch of Rubi-Ka 2019. The system will be brought online at a later date, to be announced.