RK2019 - Game crashes, characters got stuck


Does anybody else experiences RK2019 to crash while loging on?
Does anybody else experiences to crash only in ICC - no matter how you zone into the area?

The game crashes on my regular internet connection at logon to any destination on RK.
The game loads, characters log on and AO runs smooth when I run my LTE hotspot until I zone to ICC.

Every time the game crashes, the characters get stuck in geometry. I had GM move my characters to a “safe” spot tremendous times but I have been told they are still in a safe location in ICC, able to log in.

To me it all sounds like a connection problem to be able to log to certain areas. I am in the location with a poor internet available but I managed to level my characters to lvl 65 in last two weeks without a single crash. Until now when every attempt to zone to ICC does not work.

My regular connection can not handle login to rk2019 no matter what client I run and crashes while entering the area.
My regular connection CAN log into a Rubika 1 with no problems at all.

My LTE hotspot allows me to log everywhere to RK2019 so far but ICC.
My LTE hotspot allows me to log everywhere to Rubika 1.

My question is. Is there anyone else experiencing similar problem, maybe in other playfields?
I dont have any other computer or a connection available at where I live to test something else.

I am about to give up rk2019, its not fun.

Regards, Hell!

I got my characters moved out of ICC,
currently playing on LTE mobile hotspot
All areas except ICC accesible.