RK2019: No AI until 220, No LE until AI 30

Seeing as we seem to be going down the route of no expansions until they historically happened; I propose that we after SL first wait 2-3 months before AI is added and then wait an additional 2-3 months to add LE. Xan could then be added the last month or 2-3 weeks of the server life for the people that have reached far enough in thier progression.

Doing that will make a lot of the SL gear, that we did not already skip, actually relevant to the server. It would also do the same to the other expansion packs.

Hahaha, I can’t tell if this is satire?

If not you have no idea what you’re talking about. Like anybody could get anything done with Xan in 3 weeks… This is the problem, you have people talking about the game that clearly never played it. If they release it with only 3 weeks left of server time, do everybody a favor and just never release it.

well…the statement about “12month for now - we’ll see what happens” kinda shows how much faith they have in this game surviability as of now.

For me personally. id like that statement deleted. have SL and then add the other exp packs released with almost same rate as original release times…expesialle between sl and ai. and go for a aim of 2-3 year sever instead.

Seeing how BADLY and shockingly badl, fc is to manage this…THAT will be the downfall of the game. not the game itself. FC really need to sort out their communication and management of this game if they want it alive for more time to come.