RK2019 - Veteran Points

Heya guys!

Why dont implement veteran points/shops at new server? most of rk19 population are veteran players and everyone will take advantage of that. Yes i know FC want us to use item shop and spend money there, but come on! Some of us already payed thousand of dollards to FC across the years, and we already paying our subscriptions to play the progression server. So dont be greedy… some times customer experience > money.

Veteran customers should be rewared :wink:


I second this motion!! Gimme meh vets points j00!

I disagree, there are too many convenience items for vets. I’m enjoying the challenge of not having those devices. I’m not even happy about the Phasefront bike from the daily rewards.


Ofc we should, but greed above all i guess :frowning:

What’s the point of RK19 if not to encourage new and returning players to play AO? The learning curve is against them as it is.

BTW, I’ve played AO since 2001, more off than on, but have sufficient veteran points to buy everything on the live servers that I want.

If they implemented veteran points for RK19, starting from scratch (not counting veteran status from other servers), that would be fine.

Do you really think many new players arrived to AO?

Btw, why u against veteran points? Whats the difference for you between buy yalm or tokens with real money in funcom shop or do it in veteran shop?

Dunno, what’s the difference between getting a duped item and actually earning one?

Best part about RK19 is the economy actually existing and seeing people actually play the game and actually earn things.


It won’t last the cred sellers are already there. Rumors of dupes and shady things already.

Vet points were earned by loyalty to the game. I want mine all of them and the items I earned though the money and loyalty spent on this game. It’s a shame what has happened to this game.

Absolutely, based upon the questions I’ve heard in newbie chat.

I’m against veteran points because I think the RK2019 server is AO’s last chance to survive, and veterans alone are not sufficient to keep it alive.

I agree with that, but new AO players still can buy tokens and yalms from item store with real cash. I already payed thousands of € to FC, and will keep paying if they treat veteran customers well. Most of shops u can make a client card where u earn points and win rewards with time.

Maybe u find unfair ppl who play this since the beginning have some advantages because that. But then I find unfair ppl who have much more money than me can get that stuff easy.

Many vet shop items are not elsewhere in game that is one issue. Impossible to acquire otherwise.

There is quite a bit of new players on the RK2019 server :slight_smile:

And returning players. My favorite OOC comment of the day was someone expressing pleasure at seeing all the MPs, and then reminisced about the old days, when MPs could use one pet at a time, combat or healing. Then told us about a player, when the game was only a couple of days old, asking if she could make him a balloon too.

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