Rng my @**. Recipes vs thralls

How is it that I can’t find a single named thrall in 3 days after farming 4 locations 3 times a day but can get great axe of the legion back to back when I do the schematics farming with spawning pools…yeah Im thinking these are so random but weighted

Just rng, its not evenly distributed rng. You can pull up the tables yourself in the kit and do the math if you want to. Otherwise, just rng.


rng and bad luck, keep farming.

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Where you farming? I been running ashen core for the last three days and have picked up 2 smelters, 2 taskmasters a tempersmith blacksmith and I accidentally killed a temperwright armourer. How are you farming? You can’t just run a camp once or twice and expect to be hauling a t4 out. It took me like literally hours everyday of just wiping the camp over and over again.

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khemi docks, nook, baywatch camp and that one lone area between docks and nook. I use the figurines found to switch it up every now and then to go 4 legendaries and receipes because I hate grinding…just completely boring and tedious…if I wanted that, I would get a 2nd job. Ashen core…hmmm might as well try it. There is a shield I want…to reduce my default stamina even more. I tell you, riverwatch keep has better turn around with it’s one spot than the 10+ spots I was farming before.

Go gamefaqs forums, complain. Go back to farming and get it within 5mins.

Secret of RNG Life.


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Don’t feel bad I once could not find any crafters t4 for a good three weeks turning out that is was but very poor luck. Also did you displeased from recently :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I play on Savage Wilds (mod), I contacted to the mod authors on Discord that the Red Mother doesn’t seem to drop her loot. The day after, I got the torch, 2 days later yesterday I got the bow.

I bet the game, and the machines themselves are watching us! So it has begun…the rise of the machines!! :rofl:

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