Rock Hard barrier not affected by healing/barrier reducing effects

Found out when checking how Accursed effect (from museum gadget) works together with Corrupted (from PVP uniforms). Went to Seoul Fight Club, stacked Corrupted to 10 on my lovely assistant, used the gadget and saw that it didn’t reduce Rock Hard barrier compared to it’s value without debuffs, while it was supposed to be nullified.
Every other effect I got to test in this manner was rendered nil by such a combination: Blood barriers, Fist direct heals and HoTs (these were brought to 1 instead of 0), Backlash barrier, Pain Suppression ( with No Pain No Gain and without), Immutable healing part.

It actually matches the fact Rock Hard cannot crit, when Backlash barrier can. This has been reported some time ago in the spreadsheet, and i believe this is on the track of bugs to fix. Looks like Rock Hard is just hardcoded somewhere to grant you always exactly 150% of your max life, regardless on any additional beneficial or detrimental effects.