Rock Out for MadLyric!


Most of you know MadLyric, She is dedicated to the game and it’s community. A very proud Secret worlder and an Amazing Player. MadLyric is also very prominent in the LoMS GLobal (League of Monster Slayers) cabal. She has been the heart and soul of her Cabal for roughly 5 years, through TSW and now into SWL. Always helping players when they needed it, always that friendly voice you hear or helpful character you see when you need some assistance. MadLyric will seek out people to help, inviting those to her group to run missions with and there to offer a laugh when things may not go as expected. She is also very active in the community, that person you see in discord who will answer a question you ask when the rest of chat goes quiet. MadLyric is extremely funny, friendly, kind, caring, unselfish and a true friend. I hope you have all gotten the chance to meet and get to know her, she is what this community is all about.

MadLyric is always putting others before herself, it’s now time to focus on her. It’s with a heavy heart that I say this, our very own Maddie is in the hospital and not doing very well. As explained she was taken into the hospital with an infection and breathing trouble. We all hope and pray for her to get better soon, to fight this and come back to us. We hope that she can pull through and return to being that bright shining light we have all gotten to know and love very much.The community misses MadLyric very much and would like to show our support to such a great person!

On Friday July 20th, 2018 we are holding MadLyric’s Virgil, an afternoon of hope and prayer, fun and friendship. A time for us all to come together and celebrate who Maddie is to us, the memories we have as well as put in a little Prayer for her, a thought of hope for her to get better and return to the community she loves and holds dear. The event will happen in Agartha at The Rooted Grove (The dancefloor on the shops side of Agartha). Start time is 2pm EDT and will run through to 6pm EDT. Please check your local time at. World Clock - Time Zone Converter Throw on your best/most Purple in support and come Join us in Agartha!

We are very proud to announce that this event is being held in cooperation with The Cape Radio. The Amazing and very talented DJ Nexus will be taking your requests. Please follow the link Requests Can Be Made here for the thread where you can Post a song that you would like to hear and request for MadLyric (Maddie) Messages can also be posted if you would like them read on air. Please keep in mind that radio sets can be a little tricky if not organized ahead of time so all Requests must be submitted by Midnight on the 19th of July, 2018. Requests posted after that time may not be accepted. Please check the world clock for when that time is for you by clicking this link. Reqest Submission Deadline

The Cape Radio can be heard by going to their website The Cape radio and clicking “In-browser” at the top under “get connected” You are also welcome and invited to join their Discord server at: The Cape Radio Discord to continue to enjoy the music of the Cape after the party or chat with the DJ’s during the event.

Please Note: This event is not being run by Funcom, Secret World Legends or it’s development team. This is a community run event. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the thread.

Also, as a short explanation, this is a “vigil” for Maddie. We wrote it as “Virgil” as a play-off words from Secret World Legends. “Virgil” also means cool and friendly in the Urban Dictionary. So we figured that it was fitting to word it that way. I just wanted to clear that up as I have caused some confusion, my apologies.
“virgil - A cool person, usually friendly and out going”

Requests Thread July 20th, 2018