Rocknoses in Godsclaw Passage


Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [North America]

[There are five spawns of Rocknoses in Godsclaw Passage. Godsclaw Passage, known throughout the community as a ‘farmers dream’ since 2017, has now been messed up. Please remove the unnecessary Rocknoses from Godsclaw Passage.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to Godsclaw Passage to engage in relaxing farming of stone, iron ore, coal, and wood.
  2. Get jumped, five times, by wandering Rocknoses that should not be there (and haven’t been there in four years).
  3. Become disappointed that the one place where you can relax and farm in peace has not become infested with unwanted and unncessary Rocknoses that are already too plentiful on the Exiled Lands map.
  4. :frowning:
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well this change was clearly wanted by funcom, so not really a bug but i agree with you, we don’t need rocknose everywhere, and the godsclaw has always been a peacefull place without npc, here your only enemy shoudl be an another player, it has always been a place where you have high risk to encounter another player, because its a peacefull place with lot of ressources, so easy for farming, threat is player, not rocknoses that will only annoy you

Agreed. But the Rocknoses are a problem either way:

  1. For the player farming, they disrupt the peace.
  2. For the player sneaking up on a farmer, they disrupt the ambush.

Either way, the Rocknoses mess up game play for both PvE and PvP. They need to go somewhere else.


i think they shoudl be in some place, not in every place, places where they were in previous version is good, funcom don’t need to change all :slight_smile: from someone playing your game since early beta.



But they don’t need to be added, after four years, to Godsclaw Passage.

Same (since January of 2017). :slight_smile:


Death to all rocknose everywhere. This is the fix we need. To me, they do not add any fun to the game. They just irritate and annoy.

As a new player in lower levels, encountering the few around the tower of bats was interesting and challenging - briefly. Ever since those first few days of play, I just loathe seeing rocknose. Goats would be my #2 least favorite critter.


Well, for me, I like the Rocknoses, but in smaller doses. Yeah, they can be on the map. And yeah, they’re an interesting npc to fight. And the new models are absolutely gorgeous (with way much better loot). So I don’t mind having them in Conan Exiles… just not in Godsclaw Passage. And yeah, I could do with a few less of them. They seem to be ‘overpopulating’ the map.

I’d much rather have wandering ‘hunter’ patrols than more Rocknoses.

And yes, goats are annoying, too. But I think that’s their purpose… to be annoying.

Hey @Bodin

Thank you for your feedback. We’re sent your suggestion to our team for their consideration.

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while I don’t like them, this is consistency thing, they supposed to spawn wherever resources are concentrated in a variety corresponding to a resource

plus this supposed to be brutal world of conan, not a bloody amish paradise


The new rocknoses are not as dangerous as the old ones, so honestly I don’t care where they put them :smiley:

Agree, would prefer goats, or some boars more around Skyholme, if ever needed.

It’s one of my fav place, nice view, nice mats. I did so many bases around this area during all these years of the cobra. No rocknoses here of course !


think of it like this you get more resources now from harvesting thme so the gods claw can net you more

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I just wonder how those puny Exiles (faction) and Darfari got through so many rocknoses wandering about their bases.

Also, I love rocknoses concept and design, but I always felt that they don’t fit very well in the hyborean age of Conan. IMO, they are more of a high fantasy, D&D or WoW creature.
They don’t exist in the lore, AFAIK.

This coming from a huge R.E Howard and Conan fan.

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For me there are fine in desert, starter mountains, that’s also the level fitting them best.
They’re nasty, not dangerous. :joy:

Sure, but they are not a real danger, especially once your at this place. Would see something bit more spooky in the Passage of the Claw. I like this place lot.

Really need a dynamic MOB placement and roaming system. It gets so that you go “Oh, next hill has two cats and a rocknose, take a left over here then zig zag there.”


Agree, would be great, still dreaming for such features, but there still a long way to go, i presume.

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No it wasn’t! Back in EA there were Rocknose Kings there, but later got removed!

I like having rocknose there, and since they are also minable for ironstone, they are basically an extra node of iron. I don’t like the models, though; they remind me of fat pigs or fat dogs. They seem to be modelled after the Hyena instead of the Rams that they used to be. I also like that each area has rocknose that matches the resources in the area. On Skyfall Ridge, there are Black Ice Rocknose. It would be cool if some were based on Star Metal since there are Obsidian rocknose in the volcano area.

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