Rockslide Boss in Siptah overtuned


I noticed that the Rockslide boss in Siptah seems to have two significant changes over the equivalent boss from the orginal game:

  • Drastically increased size
  • Increased attack animation speed

These in conjunction simply don’t work. Increased size means the enemy hits a larger area, so the player would have to move away more before an attack lands.
The increased attack speed even reduces the response window of the player further.

In that case, there is no real physical response left: the player can only hope to outtank the enemy until it dies (or has a second player who uses a shield).

In that regard, this enemy is only difficult, not challenging, which is sad.
To me, it felt highly frustrating / annoying to fight this enemy and it was standing out quite a lot compared to other encounters.

You mean you do not like getting body slammed every five seconds? LOL


I mean, it was my first time on Siptah fighting it, so I was keen to check out how the encounter played out.

It did not take absurdly long to kill it either, but being thrown around constantly without any possibility to do anything about it, wasn’t great (to put it nicely).

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