Rockslide/Rotbranch's hitboxes

Rockslide/Rotbranch’s hitboxes need to be larger or make the thralls detect them better, cuz they are destroying the air around them, without touching them.

Gamemode: Singleplayer

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for this report. Could you share a short video showing what you see in-game, please?

We appreciate your support.

Here is the video! Like I said, the hit boxes need to be larger or make the thralls detect them better.

hey, perhaps the thralls need the same ability to hit things without hitting them as the elephants and rotbranch… considering the number of times that rotbranch fist was nowhere near the thrall yet sent them flying anyway.


Thank you for the video and additional information. We will ask our team to look into it.

Have a nice day!

This is why I never even bother with this boss. The hit boxes are nothing short of ridiculous and that spin spam is trash :joy: just an all round nope for me.

There is no incentive to kill these 2 bosses. YOu could get your scheleton keys elsewhere. Maybe if Rotbranch or Rocknose bosses could have something extra wroth obtaining to justify the effort of killing them.
Maybe a different tier of legendaries worth sacrificing a few thrall fighters for.

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Tactically, being under this boss should protect from the spin because, clearly, you’re not being stomped on or tossed about when there but the mechanics don’t work this way. Wish they did though.

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