Rollback is not the answer

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I understand the frustration and maybe it would be better if they announce on Friday that they thinking about a rollback. (at the server Message)

But I am happy with this decision. I would lose way way more than just a weekend. I think that there are many others with the same feeling.


Rollback was not the answer.

40 hours of hard work trying to get over their first mistake, just went down the drain…

I lost:
6 Sorc Spell Upgrades
18 Zerkers
40 levels on those zerkers
10K in T4 Materials
Half of my base is missing

All on a PVP server that is super active.

Its one thing to be raided by decent PVP players… Its completely BS to be raided by the Developers


What are the people who play the game since day one and they lose thralls you can’t get anymore? 5 years work? I am sure many of them will leave too…
That was my plan…but now I am back in the game if the next update fix the invisibility bugs

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As opposed to a thousand hours of lost progress for me if they didn’t rollback…? Or probably a lot more with a lot of other players… How considerate of y’all… :man_shrugging:t2: :man_facepalming:t2:


You really have played on the same server for “a thousand hours”?

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You are really questioning my integrity … ?


They did this over the weekend also. When people are most active lol.

But they can still fix it. How about they give back some mats so we don’t have to worry farming them later on.

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They were going to hurt somebody no matter what they did. A rollback shortly after the incident really is the best option. Just be glad they did it now rather than a week from now.


These nerds will never leave this game. They were still playing until now, why would they ever stop? funcom knows it

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You really think that’s not possible? I have a few thousand hours into my server… so… a weekend of gameplay lost is not gonna destroy you. Think again when you lose thousands of hours worth of legacy followers, equipment, and time. The rollback was absolutely necessary. I didn’t lose anything since I was lucky enough to log in before losing my followers, but many weren’t so lucky. I’m happy to sacrifice a few hours of time for the sake of Funcom following through to save tons of others’ work over the years. Get over it, man…


No it wasn’t. You can get only the thralls for the ppl that lost them back. With a bit more effort on FC side.
Expected effort for the price of thise Crom coins and DLCs…

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Sorry but your losses over a few days of play are inconsequential compared to months or years of losses of thousands of other players, some losses that are unrecoverable (thanks to ill-conceived changes to item stats and abandonment of server transfer).

Yes a rollback is a poor solution, but you can’t really expect a company so incompetent that they regularly do dumb stuff like this to be competent enough to go through the database and restore every decayed thrall individually, no rollback necessary. That is what they should have done, but given their stunning incompetence I don’t think they’re capable of that, and clearly they have never respected their playerbase enough to go to those lengths.

Sure a rollback hurts, but it’s better than losing half or more of their playerbase.


So they can take tons of time, effort, resources, and pointless capital to track down and figure out how many thralls were lost, what equipment they had on them, and all the players affected across the hundreds of servers (which was the majority of players)? That sounds super efficient. :roll_eyes:


You don’t do it by hand. You write a script.

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Cool. You should apply to Funcom and write that code. You clearly know what you’re talking about. And in case you think I’m joking, I’m not. I’d rather have a knowledgeable person write their coding. They suck at it.

Yay I’m glad everyone got all their thralls back specially with people who have over 100 thralls that are level 20


“They can.” But can you? Please… show us. We’d all appreciate your bountiful knowledge in how to enact such a trivial bit of coding that will save us all tons of heartache in the future. Truly. Not being sarcastic.


So your lose trumps the majority of others loses? Kinda self centered don’t you think? Plus without the rollback it would have continued and two days lost would have been a drop in the bucket compared to what it could have been.

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What a moronic conversation I am having.
What difference does it make if I can. I probably could, working in the field. After they onboard me into the team and show me what they are working with etc. What difference would it make if I said I can’t cause I don’t know how to write scripts. It’s their job after all.

You got your special thralls back now you are saying anything (as absurd as it may be) to take their side in this. This after lecturing me on arguments and adult conversation.
This is Alice in Wonderland tier adult conversation.

Muh can you code shaming

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