"Rollback is not the answer"

I’m sure this will be met with more backlash, or the thread will be ‘silenced’ and met with an unpopular response.

We’ve been playing your new patch. I’m hearing that there’s a new bug with skygods and people duping zeal.

Are you gonna roll back all the work we’ve put into the new base we built today?

Should we stop playing your game now so that we don’t waste our time?

Regards, valued customer.

My previous post on the rollback…

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Server I am at has about 20+ peoples full kitted bodies sitting at the sinkhole obelisk, because anytime you get in render rang of sinkhole the game crashes to desktop, and your unable to rejoin the game.

People are also walking right into folk’s bases and full looting them, because they can enter before the base fully renders and loot benches.

Sorry bout your base :confused: this patch is pretty terrible though. Funcom seems to never rollback so your likely safe.

This is gold. This company is an absolute carnival of incompetence.

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