Rollback the mess you made

Yes there are many many MANY comments similar to mine.
I will still say, rollback or repair the damage you caused to this perfectly good game.

You realize that’s basically impossible, right?

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they can’t repair the damage? They can’t delete the extra benches?
That wouldn’t even take a rollback LOL
they can’t redo the fish traps?

I mean it’s not all impossible. A tweak here and there and they could fix it. They’re just taking the game in an odd direction is all :slight_smile:

I’d appreciate it if you’d stop yelling at me.

I think it would be exceptionally difficult (pretty much impossible) for Funcom to make the kinds of changes the op is suggesting.

For a full rollback, they would need to either revert all of the code changes made for 2.1 plus any changes made since then. They would also need to remove those changes from any branches they’re currently working on. Since a lot of work has probably already happened since the 2.1 work, that’s going to have to happen manually.

You can look forward to seeing a large number of new bugs after a code changes like that. The other updates for early access will probably be significantly delayed as well.

Then, after the code changes are made they’d probably need to revert any asset changes that were made. Textures and that sort of thing. I honestly have no idea what a change like that entails. Let’s just pretend for the sake of the argument that it’s no big deal and super easy.

Then, they would need to update all of the databases for all of the servers at the same time that they’re deploying the reverted code. I suppose the “easiest” way to do it would be to execute a script on server update that makes the changes to the database, but I don’t know if that’s something that unreal supports.

If it’s not, then they would need to tell gportal that they need to execute sql scripts against all official servers while those servers are down for maintenance. That’s quite a bit of coordination to accomplish, though I would assume that gportal has some sort of deployment tool that allows for large scale dev-ops tasks to be automated. I suppose they would have to tell all private servers to just do a complete wipe, as the vast majority of private server owners would have no clue how to execute sql scripts against the game db.

Let’s see, Funcom would also need to revert the dev kit to its pre-2.1 state which would also mean that all mods that have been updated since 2.1 would also need to be changed back.

Then there’s the small matter of all the players who’ve already updated their bases and built the new benches.

Do those benches simply disappear? What about the mats used to craft them? What about the thralls that were placed in them? What about their contents at the one of the rollback? Is all that just lost?

So yeah, I think it’s probably far too much work for Funcom to even consider.


Short version is… it is too late for that =D

If they were going to rollback it would have had to have been right after it was released that would have been the easiest time to do so (many games do rollback if there is issues with an update, even major releases so it is definitely possible), however a few weeks in not so much :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t love the update at all, I would have preferred a rollback and for it to be released after looking into the impact more (perhaps a post on the in game menu about a poll on the features so everyone sees it and has a change to make a decision on if it should have been implemented?) and not to mention the bugs that were already known about on release fixed before it released because common sense says not to release a major update already with known bugs (not to mention all the ones skipped over in testlive) :wink:

But as Helium said it just isnt possible now at least not without causing a major hassle for Funcom, server owners, G-Portal, modders, players and literally everyone involved.

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Hey, @helium3, I really respect and admire the patience you showed by trying to explain all that. Still I am undecided if the troll´s answer is a tragic or funny symptom of todays internet communication habits. If you take a look at the names and avatars in this thread, do you really think that clear reasoning will reach any of the brains involved? (rhetorics off)


TL;DR: Not gonna happen, because technology. If you’re gonna complain your car can’t fly, feel free to make one that does.


Instead of a rollback, a forward focused modification might be possible; the question is: what for. What exactly was the problem (lets argue very rationally, just to follow the points) and then see if it is worth it?



When the release of siptah came they on that day did over 5k changes which uuuuuuu I agree not for they to revert cause then well if something goes wrong and not all revert went according to plan I’d don’t want to be around for that but I agree with your post there too much that could go wrong

They are, most of them just didn’t read the ToS.

The mess is here to stay, and there will be more, hopefully, it will all make sense once it’s all finished…

I thought the idea of an “economy of space” sounded conceptually interesting, but I would really have liked to see more discussion of what the game designers really meant by that.

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My reasoning for writing long, patient and well-formulated responses to troll posts isn’t to convince the trolls, but to provide information for any other readers who have not yet decided that setting the internet on fire is a good idea. Helium3’s post has similar value.


Yeah for real this game fails for pvp players devs only support RP and PVE players

Huh? As SP/PVE player, I’m pretty sure I’ve been ignored the most. XD

Were my pig roast and hair styles! =p

PVP feels like its been getting some of changes it needs… and undermesh is slowly being touched up.
By time I get it on consoles… haha… maybe it’ll all be working.

I think Early Access shouldve been done abit better… Some of changes have been …“Wait What!?”
Few of things there trying to fix… there…or feels to be super easy fixes. But they wanna +1 it.

And its like… just fix it… don’t add on it.
But then again, I’m sure with investors and time table of releases… there not gonna stop what there doing and do a all stop, lets fix most of it before we press on. =/


This is just the standard ‘grass is greener on the other side’ complaint - PVE and RP players complain frequently about the devs ‘focusing so much on PVP’ - everyone thinks that their play mode is being ignored while other play modes get focus.

That’s one of the ways that you can tell Funcom is doing their best to support all play modes - if everyone thinks ‘we’re only getting 25% of the attention’ - then that means Funcom’s attention is being pretty fairly divided and isn’t focused directly on any one play mode.


Devs are so sure of themselves, they just over write the code every update, so there is no going back.

Devs have been doing this since SWG, and most likely before. You see how SWG worked with no back-up, everything is over written.

FWIW, if you really want the old fishing mechanic back, there was already a mod made for it. Search for ‘Bait Master’ on steam workshop. I’m afraid that this new mechanic is most likely here to stay. The vast majority of the mods I use are purely for aesthetic/cosmetic purposes, so, this would be one of the few I actually use to correct a glaring, completely unnecessary change/issue.

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