Rolling thrust buff applies to arrows shot PRIOR rolling

The perk description says the following:

After dodging, your next damaging attack has 25% increased penetration and your next swing costs no stamina.

Note the “AFTER dodging, your NEXT damaging attack…”.

So if you shoot an arrow and roll IMMEDIATLY after, you get the rolling thrust perk and it applies to the shot you did BEFORE rolling.

I have a video clip, where you can see that the rolling thrust buff disappears after the roll after the arrow. Usually the buff lasts like 5 seconds after rolling. But it disappears immediatly. And given the amount of damage done, I expect it to get calculated into the arrow attack.


So what is your expectation in this regard? :slight_smile:
Just curious - also as to the reason. Just trying to report things that seem as bugs or is it unbalanced or OP in any way?

To put it in perspective the arrow itself hits AFTER the roll… so it IS your next damaging attack, just like the description says, however I can also tell you that reworking it in your interpretation is just not possible with the current combat system without some very major renovation in that department.


When your char shoot the arrow is when the attack is.

Same goes to any melee weapon. Rolling thurst deactivates even if you hit or miss.

You should not be able to do the attack and then roll and still have the buff. Since that doesnt work for any other weapon.

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Oh, actually yea, that one gets verified at a different stage, it merely checks whether the character is in the attacking substate and if so then consumes the buff.

Most likely shooting the bow keeps you in that substate until the arrow lands, however you rolling in between temporarily interrupts that state so your character is seen as going back in the attack state since it wasn’t finished before you rolled.

Just a quick guess though, could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is very common in a lot of games. For example, in Borderlands 2, you have a pistol that has 800% crit bonus, and an other pistol that has slow moving, hard hitting projectiles. If you shoot with the slow pistol then swap to the crit pistol, you deal ridiculous damage when your first pistols projectiles land.
I start to think it is not an oversight or lazyness of devs, it is just how calculations go, and this problem can not be solved without castrating the weapons (or removing this perk in this case).


Theoretically yes. But for me an attack also involves stamina usage. Since you did it before the roll, you used stamina but the perk description says, you should not use stamina.

What will be the correct behaviour? I know that the fix for that might be tricky. Bows (and crossbows) have always been a weird thing in Conan.

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You can apply in your example this crit information directly to the projectile actor. The same would work with buffs. I am pretty sure if you shoot and your agility buffs run out, Conan will most likely take the character state without the buffs for calculations. So make damage calculations based on what the projectile modifiers are instead of the character state.


Oh, yes. The projectile should have that ability, not the weapon itself. Because the crit modifier comes from one of the pistol’s accessory, the barrel. So basically if you hold the weapon, every damage you deal (can it be from a vehichle, an offhand melee, etc.) gets that 800% bonus.

So with this analogy, the weapon or projectile should have this function, not the character.
Ah, I see you were faster. :laughing:

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We also had a 2h hammer in Conan, that did extra damage to buildings. Well guess what, when you equipped it when exploding bombs they have done bonus damage.

Funcom has removed this hammer shortly after again. But similar hehaviour.

Oh, that’s new for me. Mostly because I did not use any hammer until… a week ago?
And this is sad, that an other unique weapon got removed instead of fixing the actual problem. Well, it is sort of a fix, and way easier than doing something.

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Yea, while both interpretations would be acceptable for the damage part, indeed you’re missing out on the stamina part.
In any case I’m pretty sure that’s the cause, what I listed in my second comment.

Other weapons don’t allow you to continue your attack after a roll, so the free stamina is set up that it gets applied the FIRST time you enter the attacking state after a roll… and since your arrow didn’t land yet, but they allowed you to roll… you’re going back into the attacking state again since your arrow is still flying and consuming the buff even thou you’re no longer using stamina for that attack so it’s not doing anything.

They might be able to do something about that though

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