Rolling with 1 piece of heavy

I am equipped with medium except for the helm which is heavy. Wasn’t it supposed to be able to roll like you are full medium? there is a difference between the roll speed with helm on

No one ever said that… Or where did you even hear it?

What is your armor type? If it says heavy, you have the heavy roll.

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it was before the update when even if you had 1 piece of heavy or medium and the rest medium/light you would still be able to roll faster

Oh… Well, maybe that was changed?

I still only use medium armor… Maybe someone else knows more about it.

Before the new roll mechanic, if I wore the executioners hood only, all I could do was the side step thing. Ive never understood how to figure out what impact armor had on dodging. Never really cared enough to dig into it… I just truck around in light to maintain speed.

It was 1 piece of medium, not 1 piece of heavy. Even before the update, wearing just 1 heavy piece would automatically classify my whole armor as heavy and I could only do the “side hop” instead of the dodge roll.

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