Roof and ramp pieces sticking up through ceilings

Would LOVE to see roof and ramp pieces flattened on the top to prevent them from showing through ceilings.


Certain sets are more egregious than others. Thatch pieces are the worst imo. But I agree that what is shown in your screenshot should not be happening at all.

If something should stick out with the roofs its the sides and the bottom and yeah not the top.

Rood are so odd in Conan, most of the time it looks bad especially with bigger roofs, they look like a big ramp instead of a roof :’)

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I’ve done that. It works great in some cases, unfortunately it would not work here.

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I’m just going to say that whenever I get my base working well and functional, I loathe putting on these pieces, even for the fine detail. Looks good on the outside, train tracks on the inside.

I was trying to dress up a small outpost in Yamatai the other day. The inverted roof pieces are so enormous, they undercup and form at least a 13cm lip around all the ceiling pieces on my deck. Would love to see it improved.

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