Roof edges / Eaves

I want it.


Awnings make pretty good eaves, that’s what I use.

I use awnings too, but that won’t work higher up. What I’m looking for is an extension of the roof pieces.

Just build one row of ceilings around the outside of the wall. Start your roof there. Boom! Eaves!

That’s one workaround, but still a workaround.
Problem with this approach is that the distance is way too long.

So you’re thinking something like a half-width eave?

Maybe not even that much. Just look around the neighborhood. Rain hasn’t changed much since the middle ages.

I agree would love to have eaves, using a whole extra tile is too much distance both horizontally and vertically.

I would not mind either an extension like the awning but without the legs, or an additional roof piece called roof edge that has that overhang.

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