Rope/Bindings + Loot Bags = Draggable Loot bags

I want to mind out a mountain, bag my loot and drag it back to base.

Possible balancing tweaks

  • Adjusted movement speed while dragging loot
  • Adjusted bindings and bag deterioration rate
  • Specific craftable Loot Bag item to use, fibre, leather, thick leather variants.
  • Stages of speed/deteriation rate based on loot bag content weight

Bonus idea
Multiplayer dragging single large loot bag to increase speed of hauling items.

The idea is to give realistic options to counter some of the annoyances of looting, mining, gathering etc. Being over encumbered sucks, you move slow and it really takes the thrill out of it. Spending time running to resources and a long trek back to base with heaps of goods you don’t want to give up is annoying. This proposal gives the bindings an alternate use and gives the option to prepare for “big hauls”. You can have loot bags unowned and this if you get killed someone can start dragging your haul away to their own base.
The best part about this is also you can consider what to put in the loot bag and what to take onto your character. You know, in case you need to drop the bag and run for your life.


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