Rope bridge on pillars?

Does anyone else think it is absolutely silly to have flat bridge pieces, supported by pillars, and call them ‘rope bridge’?
Can it really be so hard to make an actual rope bridge the same way the current horizontal elevator is made?
I mean, you can lay one extremity of the bridge and if you can reach ground on the opposite side then it create a bridge and that’s it! That would make much more sense than the stupid elevators that are powered out of thin air.


I have to agree but Robert almost answered this question during the last dev stream.

The question was not really the same as yours so I think he was talking about being able to make a rope bridge over a longer distance without a pillar and without reaching the ground on the other side.

But you’re right, it could operate like horizontal elevators. It would not be invasive this way but I can’t believe that the development team did not think about this idea … If they really did not think about it I begin to ask myself serious questions about their ability to develop the game. I mean, they are very good at making new cosmetics, but when it comes to thinking about how new features or new items work I feel like the original team has completely deserted.


Over 1 year of non functioning purges made me do that already. In fact I even started to think they do things wrong on purpose in order to reinforce the fame whenever they’ll decide to fix it. But that’s just crazy me…
No seriously I don’t see how reskinning elevators into rope bridges could go wrong… hell we dont even need them to sag… just be able to run through!

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What’s the maximum length on elevators anyway?

They’ve been nerfed in the past, but i still managed to connect two islands outside the bucaneers bay, so I’m guessing you could cross the river close to sinkhole/pirate ship and connect your tree houses with style!

Thanks mate. That’s quite some distance actually… yet I haven’t heard of anyone abusing elevators to ‘build in an invasive way’

There’s a reason why the diagonal support beams are now decorative and that happened because of abuse. We can go back and forth about whether it makes any realistic sense to use pillars to support a rope bridge. The fact is that it will be abused and it would get patched back to needing stability. So making it this way will just save them work “fixing” it later.


I’ve noticed the supporting beams are now useless… how were they possibly abused?

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I understand. But in this case I do not see the point of making rope bridges. I mean, if the developers knew they could not make rope bridges that behave like rope bridges what’s the point?

It’s a bit ridiculous to see a rope bridge as flat and steep as a plank, needing a pillar every 4 blocks. The main feature of a rope bridge is to be suspended!


Understandable point. What I heard in the stream was that this DLC was designed with the RP community in mind. With that said I look as it through a prism of “looks over function” So a ceiling piece that looks like a rope bridge is neat for aesthetics. Using it to bridge massive gaps isn’t the intent.


Honestly I wasn’t around to see how it was abused all I know is that at one point it offered stability and it was used to make building that defied the stability system that was intended.

It used to transfer half the stability from the wall to the ceiling. Actually acting like a real support beam.
As for the RP argument…I don’t believe this adds any valuable immersion. It would if it served some purpose though, but then I agree that people would cry pay-to-win (same way they already do with the treehouse foundations).

Frankly I don’t see a problem with the tiny edge their 10 bucks DLCs are giving so far. Let’s face it most people bought them to get the right temperature and stats for their armors without bothering to get special armorers. Still it’s only 10 bucks and most peeps will play that game a few hundreds of hours. There shouldn’t be any shame from Funcom side (they should really fix the base game though)

Stairway to Mitra. Not a good side-effect. :slight_smile:

Not going to discuss how, but they were. Its not something made up.

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What players fail to understand is that DLC building pieces (bridges and platforms) are not new building pieces but rather retextured pre-fabs, made from the existing ones. Yes it may be very confusing to build support pillars for what looks like a rope bridge. But it is not a rope bridge - it is a 3 ceilings lined up and strapped together.

Elevators (to my knowledge) essentially function as one moving ceiling tile - it does not requires any stability as it moves. Bridges are a couple of stationary tiles, thus usual stabilty req. are in place.

Elevators where put in place simply to reduce the overall number of building pieces thus improving server performance.


Not everything has to be made of tiles in my opinion… black hand tents for example are not made of tiles but they still have a fixed shape and I can step on them (also in the past used to get stuck under them, but that’s a different story)

Lol I never heard that one!!! Is that true? If you say so, I believe you… But that seems to me like a very twisted way to address the problem :rofl:

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I continue this discussion which has just been closed.

Even if the rope bridge allows us to move quickly from one point to another, unlike the elevator, I still do not see how it would be a problem? I do not see how that would allow abuse.

I think the developers have absolutely not thought to make it work other than tiles like.

Of course by making it work as it is now it would be abusive if the pillars were not needed (hello rushes from above) but if you make it work like an elevator and add the obligation to have a fundation on both sides (so from a claimed land to another), I do not see how one could abuse it.

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Yeah, I’d have to agree. I’d actually like to see both kinds of rope bridges – pre-fab ceiling tile versions AND the horizontal elevator version (that requires a foundation at both ends before it “connects” - so people don’t abuse building “ramps” into another person’s base).

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Famous last words.


Ok that was funny. But still: if horizontal elevators are fine then an equivalent walkway will be fine as well. At least from an abuse point of view. I can pull you 10 full pages of risk assessment procedure, there won’t be anything meaningful coming out of it.