ROPE BRIDGES: different style for different biome?

I guess I’m having a slow day at work. Also i might have used ROPE BRIDGES as a bait to lure you all here.
The real question is: what happened to that discussion about different stone and wood looks for different biomes (i.e. stone buildings matching the stone colour/texture from the area they are located) Anyone following up on that?
I don’t remember whose brilliant idea it was but I’m pretty sure that topic is now locked and it would be a shame if we didn’t pick a bit more momentum and harass the devs until they promise they will work on it.

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It reminds me of the very first time I played CE. From the beginning when I started to collect this beige stone that looks like sandstone and I made the first sandstone building parts, I thought: this game looks amazing! I collect sandstone, I make sandstone buildings! They pushed the detail to a climax!

Then I quickly realized that they had not pushed this detail at all, and that was the confirmation when they pulled out the northern extension. I was disappointed! I really hoped that each biome had its type of stone.

I do not hope that the buildings have a different hue depending on the stone that we pick up, but I would have liked that to make the T1 it is necessary to pick up sandstone in the desert, that to make the T3 it is necessary to pick up the gray stone in the North, etc …

You’re going one step further already!
I can imagine soft sandstone being in the south and harder granite in the north but i had something purely cosmetic in mind (don’t wanna create a revolution here!)
Still I would love the idea of a T2/T3 stone building (I don’t like bricks) or a T2/T3 wood structure (with the hard exotic wood from the jungle!)
Eventually… harder wood and harder stone would allow for longer beams and thinner walls which should in theory increase the maximum span (stability) of structures… but I’d be content with nicer, more immersive looks

It probably wouldn’t be particularly difficult to include separate stone types, and have different building types require the different types. It would, however, be insanely labor intensive for a relatively niche feature, which I’m assuming is why it’s not in the game. After all, you can already choose to create a “thematically fitting” building style for each biome/area, just not in every tier.

Ok just to be clear all I want (and I’m pretty sure I speak on the behalf of the overwhelming majority here) is NO MORE SANDSTONE OUTSIDE OF THE DESERT.
I know we have cosmetic DLCs but so far it’s not up to me but up to the pve shoebox makers. I’d even pay for their DLCs if these offered a more fitting T1 outlook (unfortunately we can’t even pay for a nice T1 house at the moment so please let’s make it at least immersive by default)

Oh hey you won’t find me arguing against more style options for Tier 1+2, I think a lot of us who used to advocate for this are just resigned to the fact that we probably won’t get it, at least not through the DLC system.

Keep fighting the good fight, and all that.

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Now now that’s not a “can do” attitude @Mikey
How can you be resigned already? It’s not even 2 years since we starting the fight!

It was @Larathiel who mentioned the biome-based rock type. I could dig River Rock, Limestone, Sandstone (ofc) and a few others right off the top of my head.

From a fantasy point of view, it seems to me our hand tools produce yellow rock, which turns into yellow/orange sandstone dwellings. After processing, it turns red, then back to yellow again when it becomes a sticky brick. Then in the T3 crafting process it will be further altered to produce the hues and character of the DLC pieces. In other words, T3 can be made into anything you desire, as long as you’re willing to cough up the hardened brick.

To me then, it would be perfect that we trek to Asagarth, and on the slopes there we gather limestone which would make an ideal, and visually-stunning T1 counterpart to sandstone. Otherwise it really doesn’t fit into the fantasy for me.

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