Rotating Building Pieces with Controller - Causes Character to Attack


Why do you avoid this ? it is a “open world” any one can do as it pleas at any lvl and AI is relay bad even if is sponge damage :frowning: you climb a rock and kill them all. Any one can see this from the first 5 min of game :slight_smile:


Because for a lot of players, part of the attraction and enjoyment in open world games comes from exploring and discovering that world for themselves.

There’s plenty available online for anyone who wants to find out this info. (I’ve never been in there but already know: how to get in, what recipes are there and where, the crocs that greet you inside and the fact they’re currently not spawning in solo on xbox, and what awaits you at the end of the dungeon. )

No need to go posting dungeon spoilers in a thread about problems with rotating building pieces. Especially on the official forums where new players are likely to come looking for answers.

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