[Rough Leather] virtually non-existent

This item is like non-existent to me. A drop is so rare.
Wild lands of Zelata has no drops. Only ever found 1 or 2. Ive spent like a week or more in there questing.
Just made a few hours killing all over Poitain and found like 5.
That is the most basic crafting item.

Overal drops for me are always bad since I returned to the game a month ago.
Ive been using Tortage quest rewards gear until level 40… when i managed to craft some and made 1 run in a group quest.

iirc bears in wild lands should drop a few, north for Tesso or what the city is called

I’ll repeat: I’ve been all over Wild lands of Zelata for 2 weeks and found 2 at most.
Last 2 days I’ve actually used those very bears to fulfill the daylly task of kills and bloodkills.

mm okay. I never really got into farming those since I didn’t think it was worth the time.

so far i think the same. crafting seems pointless, except in a situation like mine where nothing drops (right/useful) gear.

thing is you usually outlevel most of the gear you craft pretty quickly anyways. Only crafting that’s really half decent in this game is Alchemist

Crocodiles in Khopshef have a good drop rate

Farm the birds at the entrance of Purple Lotus, there are a few groups in the area. Unless FC changed the drop rate, on average every group drops 1 piece.

The drop rate is pretty terrible. I think myself lucky when I get 1 piece per 8-10 kills.
The ones I find to drop it in wild lands are: dark beasts, lynx, diseased bears.
As other have said other sources:

  • crocodiles and beaker birds in purple lotus swamp, close to where you zone in from
  • yaks in gateway to khitai
  • wolves in Conal’s valley from entry from conarch village to town

The drop rate is pretty low, sure. Understating the drop rate does not help though. Like @Kwalya said 1 per 8-10 kills is a normal rate.

If you are leveling with questing you had quest rewards for your class, and normally you get more than enough gear from drops while questing. You can find low level gear for not more than a few silver at the trader, and with the daily reward boxes even new players with no max toon can easily afford them. There is no need to rely solely on crafted gear.

I will try the suggested sources that I haven’t been to.
That solves nothing, even if it works, though.

I would call even 10% a pretty low drop rate for the most basic crafting resource. Considering the time and effort for it and comparing to the rest of the basic resources(lumber, rock). From them you are guaranteed 10 drops from a full source and if its empty you know how, where and when you will be able to get it. Not just waste your time and get nothing.

People have complained for years about the drop rate for Rough Leather. I don’t think Funcom will change it. You could just buy it off the trader (plenty there on Crom).

edit: Forget it. The price is worse than the grind. Ill end up abandoning the game instead.
Are there any such scarce resources you could think of, so that I don’t waste my time with them, too?

btw… seems next to 2 hours latter, farming cows, ive got 6 rough leather.
i might be wrong, but it seems to me that the more I kill the less it drops for me. In the start I was like “Wow was i wrong about the drop rate?” but as it seems by the end result…

Try the Swamp Beakers birds in Purple Lotus swamp, just by the entrance, got 5 pieces of rough leather in just about 10 min. Good luck :beer:

If the price of Rough is making you rage quit, just wait (or maybe not) until you need Calloused.