#rowsnet.com #1 | PVP | Wipe:25/5 | HighPerformance

Dear all,

we where missing a Powerfull Server which one doesn’t lag when theres a higher Amount of Players online.
Now i managed to get us Powerfull Server with NVME disks, we had already 70Players on release, the Server FPS never wen’t into the red zone.

We just wiped cause the decaysystem was broken.
We are like an Official Server (Same settings) just without the Lags.

There only 1 Activa Admin (me). Absolutely no abuse, but i help people if they have Bugs / Bugges bodies / or some other questions.

We have Simple Rules:

Like the Official Servers -> Feel free to play at your style :blush:
Be Nice, Play Fair
Don’t block NPCs
Don’t block Important ressources like Silver, Obsidian, Starmetal
Don’t build under water!

We have e huge German and English speaking Community.
The Server is Located in Germany.
We take care of laggers, so we have a low MaxPing (about 100).

We are offering Discord / Teamspeak, a very helpful Community and nice people on.
Also we offer you a Powerfull Server.

If you like to play on a Lagfree Server, join us, and let’s have som fun!