RP Loot Drop Help Needed

I’m new and I’m RPing on my server, allowing myself to ONLY do the steps currently on my screen of the Journey. It is time to put someone on the wheel of pain but that will require Iron Bars. In my playtests I’ve found them on bodies or crates from nearby camps. But I forget the exact camp and whether it was on a corpse or in a crate.
Can anyone help me figure out the best way to grind for a Iron Bar drop from a nearby camp?

@FrumpyTheClown bottom of cliffs grey stones with a bit of rust…use a pickaxe
you can go around Sepermeru on top of houses and cliffs you will find chests with materials in it

I know about the grey stones, but I don’t have the step yet on my Journey to mine. How close is Sepermeru from the starting area? Is it a safe area?

Those “steps” are not meant to be followed, but rather an indicator.
This is an open world. Walk your own way.
(Sepermeru? You go there, you finish the last “step”)

That may be so, but my method is my own. I appreciate the clarification but I’m really looking for perhaps a NPC Loot Drop guide or some knowledge that would show where near the starting area, Iron Bars are likely to drop from certain NPCs killed. Like Valhalla-Strider’s response I can take to mean, the best place to look would be in chests found with certain camps.

@FrumpyTheClown you’ll only have the step to mine when you mine for the first time… Sepermeru is the only safe place where most NPCs won’t attack you

The step is there in the list, it just needs to be unlocked to show up on the screen to essentially tell me to mine. Thank you for your advice earlier about the crates at the camps.

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