[RP PvP] (PC) Starfall: A Modded Roleplay Experience!

Starfall: A Modded PvP Roleplay Server

Interested in a roleplay heavy server with active moderators, fun gameplay mods, and an active playerbase? Come join us at Starfall! Starfall is a modded, full roleplay experience where all interactions are handled in character, and you’re encouraged to get deep into character creation and lore. We have a small but very active playerbase and are looking for more people to join in on the fun. Here’s some quick info about us:

Info at a Glance

  • Plenty of room to explore, build bases in, and claim!
  • PvP enabled server with building damage on, NO DECAY
  • Custom player races & classes via Indrid’s CRNC
  • Lands of Rebirth (Exiled Lands) map with admin placed merchants, NPCs, and settlements!
  • Functioning town and inn systems!
  • 3x player EXP rate
  • 2.8x harvest rate
  • Age of Calamitous/Pippi based economy between players and Pippi merchants
  • Full roleplay interaction in local chat. Global chat is disabled
  • Plenty of character customization and base decoration mods to enjoy!

Mod List

A few highlighted mods can be seen in the list below, but a full list can be seen in more detail at the following link:

Steam Workshop::[RP PVP] Starfall || Modlist

  • Pippi
  • Ravencrest Couriers
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Age of Calamitous (AoC)
  • Lands of Rebirth
  • Fashionist
  • Improved Quality of Life (IQOL)
  • Hosav’s Custom UI
  • Immersive Armor
  • Alternative Health and Death System
  • Indrid’s Custom Races and Classes
  • Roleplay Redux

Important Rules

  • :mage: No breaking character!
  • :house: Build according to general roleplay rules.
  • :crossed_swords: Server is PVP enabled, but killing on sight is disallowed
  • :speaking_head: Keep things roleplay friendly!

Full-Map Town System

Starfall is equipped with a personalized teleportation system, which includes admin and player towns across the map with special merchants, questgivers, functioning inns, and more! There are still a few slots open for player towns, so if you’re an avid builder, this is the place for you. Come take a look at the types of settlements already on the server!

Come join us on Discord!

If any of the above information has sounded like Starfall could be the place for you, come check us out on Discord! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. A detailed list of server information and rules can also be found there. We’d love to welcome you, so come on in!

Starfall || Modded RP PVP

Bumping the thread, as we’ve added new daily quests and are doing an event soon!