RP Wild Lands 18+


*The Wild Lands are an obscure corner of Hyboria, touched by Myth and legend most have forgotten. There a Fae-Touched Witch, known as the Ice Queen corrupts the lands in her endless hunt to drain all last vestiges of the power of the Fae for herself, to rejuvenate her power and extend her years.

An Ancient Cult of Set, known as ‘The Veil’ also exists her, separate from the Stygian Empire and older then the Black City, they search the lands for a lost acolyte of unknown power.*

  • RP Wild Lands is obviously a Role-play server utilizing the Savage Wilds Mod Map
  • Generous build allowances
  • Endless customization
  • International Player-Base
  • US-Based server based in Portland for better Ping for Oceanic Players (average 200 ping for australians vs the usual 300)
  • Gated entry requiring an approved character biography on the server discord

Connection Info:
Discord: 8CHhFDQSUn