RPG + PVP + Sandbox = Ancients, Immersive PVP Server. [PC] [NA] RPG questing, vendors, challenges, raid targets. [10x] [24/7 pvp] - 4hr raid weekday and 7hr raid weekend [No Decay] [No Wipe] - Premium central US server host. Honest and Active Admin

The goal of this server is to add the immersion of a single player RPG to the Sandbox fun of the Conan world, and also allow the dynamic challenge of PVP combat without some of the typical toxicity of PVP servers.

How do we achieve that?


  • Unlimited free customization.
  • Linear admin-created quests like those typically found in single player RPGs
  • Scattered vendors like those found in RPGs and MMOs.
  • Unique vendor items and quest rewards.
  • No global chat.


  • Highly boosted gather rates. Slightly boosted crafting rates. Vanilla crafting costs.
  • Shorter nights.
  • Modest reductions in hunger and thirst.
  • Elimination of IDLE hunger and thirst.
  • No decay.
  • Rare wipes.
  • Admin map rooms at obelisks.
  • Starter kits, level 60 kits, catch-up kits after wipes


  • No level cap increases. This means you must make choices. No long grind to be evenly matched.
  • No global chat. Increases immersion and removes toxity.
  • Whispers are available through Pippi.
  • No porting/warping.
  • Carefully selected mods to avoid PVP imbalances.
  • 24/7 PVP.
  • Daily 4hr raid window, and 7hr raid window on weekends.


  • Premium host company, centrally selected location, with all available upgrades to maximize performance.
  • 24 max slot (ready to increase as needed)

In the first week this server we’ve seen a steady growth in players and have established 4 new quests, with more to come.

More information can be found on our discord:

Direct connect:

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First week we have 17 unique players and a peak of 7 players online at once. The server is growing, but there is still plenty of unclaimed prime real estate!

Still growing! 19 unique players this week. Several active clans.
Adding new quests, puzzles, and vendors every day!
Come join the fun.

Just finished adding another another in the “Challenge of the Gods” series; quests with each presenting a unique challenge for one of the gods and unique rewards.

So, far Set, Crom, Jhebbal Sag, and Derketo quests have been made and Ymir and Yog are next.

The goal is to make each quest unique from each other AND something unique from things found in the vanilla game.