Rubber banding/camera angle drift on server

I’m curious whether you can find/look up the admins usernames somewhere? Or can I look up the individual servers and report?

I’m on the PvE ‘Just Conan’(default settings), where I and another player experience an annoying amount of ‘rubberbanding’ lag since last night - it’s impossible to play.
Our health also had trouble regenerating(potions and bandages had a very delayed/no effect), plus our stamina draining is ridiculously inconsistent(it seemed to drain much faster at times).

I’ve also experienced the camera angle drifting downwards(so you look up “through” your character)
I tried to server-hop a little to see if it went across to other servers, but I didn’t experience the rubberbanding and rarely - if ever - the camera angle drift - I’m very new to the game, so I’m not sure how I should tackle reporting and so on…

If there’s any additional information needed, please ask

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If you are on a private server you will just have to ask people who are on the server. I have a server clan name and server are the same. Otherwise people would just have to figure it out. Sounds like some settings are off.I have had the controller act up like that before. Probably best to find a safe and log in and out @EmmyMorv

I’m having the same issue across most all servers and game modes except co-op.

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A lot of Players have the Problem on ps4 with Camera Drift. But Funcom dont care. Funcom Support is the worst that i ever seen. Sorry.

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I have read that the drift is the game. Change controller no fix. Have not had a issue in a couple months now. Don’t know if it a particular location or server bI play on multiple. ecause

Hey there,

Those of you who experience this issue, could you let us know if this is happening in single player, an official server or a private server? Also, could you let us know the controller sensitivity settings, in particular the right stick deadzone setting?

Also, those affected by this issue, could you let us know if increasing the right stick deadzone setting helps with this issue once you start experiencing it?

I try 3 different controller all habe the same Camera Drift. In other Games they still work without Problems. I tryed deadzone setting and higher sensetive but nothing Change. Camera Drift still there.

The right stick drift happens particularly often in co-op for me, as well as on a private EU server(name: JUST CONAN) - oddly enough it only happens with one of my controllers, however I don’t experience problems with it in other games :-/
I have tried to adjust the sensitivity settings to no avail - I have yet to try with the dead zone tho

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