Rubber banding/low frame rate help

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [oceanic]

For some reason I can’t seem to load into the game properly on my main server, when I load in I rubber band and the game runs on 2-4 frames per second for up to an hour after I start it, it happens on both consoles in the house but doesn’t seem to effect other clan member, it only happens on our main server, regardless of how close I am to large builds, I thought it could been an issue with some of the large base builds around but even spawning in the desert does it until the frame rates go back to normal.

1 of the consoles is a base PS4 running on WiFi one is a pro connected by ethernet

I have reinstalled the game, I have rebuilt the database of the console thinking that may help, I’ve checked to make sure the network and internet connect are working and everything seems to be in order

It’s been happening since a day before the update happened so isn’t likely related to that

I’m running out of ideas on what could be wrong

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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