Rubberbanding and end game combat issues


I chose a west coast server where I actively get around 20 ping. I have massive rubber banding issues along with complaints with how you can allocate your stats at level 60. During combat the server has a great deal of trouble dealing with unit models that are close to one another. If you are repeatedly attacking a target you will teleport through them and if you are surrounded by a group of units then your rolling becomes chance at best. You can try to move from a location and teleport back just to be killed or completely stand still and move around from place to place as you attack. with this problem in place, mobility combat means nothing. you just level to 60, get the highest tier armor with a nice weapon and stand in place swinging at anything that comes close. If one tries to use arrows they will just pull out shields. There is no reason therefore to do anything in player to player combat but put everything in to strength and vitality so you can kill others with 3-6 swings and they have to throw massive amounts of effort and ordinance at you to bring you down. This game is full release now and I have been playing it since it was put on steam. Aside from a few new shiny things it still has all of the bugs and in game issues that it always had.


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