Rubberbanding and short term memory loss

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE
Region: EU
Mods? : No

Bug Description:

Rubber-banding from one surface to another: eg built foundations to natural rocks, stairs to ceilings, ceilings to foundation, ‘natural’ surface to anything built and vice versa. Character acting much like there is an invisible wall between each ‘type’, inhibiting jumping like I’m trying to jump into a ceiling or wall anywhere there is a transition. I am also apparently unable to climb anything, built or pre-rendered. AI mobs and thralls exhibiting similar or same behaviour far more often than normal game mode ever does. Reminds me of ArmA 2 really

  1. Short term memory loss of recipes/feats for crafting stations. Named Thralls in stations and learned recipes such as Aloe/Map room remain, however accessing learned feats in stations such as Improved Armourers Workbench or Improved Alchemists is currently impossible besides the ones learned independently of the levelling-feat system. All levels, all feats connected. This short term memory loss seems to only afflict one or two work stations at a time, however also has no limit on which it can afflict. A bog standard firebowl cauldron is apparently as baffling to my level 60 definitely-learned-the-feat exile as the improved. And it’s unfortunately not my selection tab: whether on building, weapons, armour or potions, there is a great lot of empty space in my character’s head it seems

Expected Behavior:

  • The ability to manouver and not constantly get stuck on invisible ground or fly in the air backwards and forwards like a very fast yoyo would be appreciated.
  • Learned feats are indeed accessible and learned.

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install an update
  2. Access server
  3. Crouch everywhere until at suitable rock face, build a set of stairs, foundation and a ceiling (or don’t - though rubber-banding into the ceiling is not the most comfortable sight or exhaustive test)
  4. Walk, or attempt to, over each transition
  5. Attempt to climb any of the above
  6. Enjoy the feeling of flying without wings on invisible surfaces whilst aggroed AI rebounds back and forth with you

I will be re-installing the game afresh and hoping this fixes the issue, but in case anyone else is experiencing the same XD

Ofen simply verify the game-files trough Steam is more helpfull and less time consuming than a full new game installation.

I tried, apparently it was all fine… All evidence to the contrary. A little bit of jumping around and rubberbanding is fine. Every step you take in base/around your base is kinda making it a little unplayable XD

But thank you for the suggestion, it’s not generally my first port of call but it’s a useful tool.

I understand your problem, still couldn’t experiment it myself.
I lately played and on servers and singleplayer, and didn’t experiment rubberbandings or hopping around.

Maybe some specific locations you could give us ? What’s your ping, how is your connectivity when you play on this server ? Does this happen only on this server, does it the same in a singleplayer game, or different server ?

My ping is usually fairly good: while there is some latency as my computer is not top of the line, it’s never reacted like this before nor as consistently. I do sometimes see similar behaviour when AI are stuck on an object (such as stone, trees, foundations etc) where they can’t find a way out, but again never this severe, and generally not for my own character or my friends characters. I tend to build around 5E, iron desposits (PVE server run with friends, before people try to roast me for an obivous location :P) which is where my current base is located: but not having had this issue before I can’t help wondering whether or not something went wrong with the update the verification didn’t catch. The game has finished installing and I will try testing it presently if you would like feedback on whether a reinstall would help.

At present as far as I am aware it’s just the server, but will test both as I have a similar singleplayer playthrough. As it is the only server I play on I don’t know how I can help with testing differennt servers.

Maybe also your specs, the settings your play on can help.
And of course, running some tests on different servers, singleplayer to is still a good step to see clear.

Also if it’s a recent issue, was there some changes on your machine, a windows update, some drivers changes, or else ?

Machine is the same as ever: I installed the drivers Radeon suggested for Conan and adjusted the settings when I first got the game. I will admit to a mild over-clocking, but it is well within the spec of both the graphics card and the CPU, overheating and strain on the system are not contributing here, and the overclock was present from the first install of the game.

There haven’t been any recent Windows updates, at least not in the last week nor any massive changes to the software or operating system. This started happening literally this morning, 2 am or so, and right after Conan updated: please understand I mean no offence, it just seems to have been the only thing that has changed and with great timing.

On the server: rubberbanding has been significantly decreased, but occurs on anything resembling a corner or a dip on built, ceiling to stairs, lift to ceiling/foundation, or lift to anything really. Natural it seems to have no issue with whatsoever now. I remain unable to climb whilst on any of these ‘seams’, but am now able to jump without invisible walls… Exception being the lift which I can’t even walk off of the edge of let alone onto solid ground. On a brighter note, my recipes have returned XD

Singleplayer: now no issues whatsoever. Any mild rubberbanding has been sorted, and my thralls seem able to pathfind relatively well even when being stuck or teleported/spawned into difficult situations. No invisible walls, smooth transition between different build pieces and pre-rendered, and I can climb.

Is it possible that the game on the server is having difficulty with the update or is somehow out of sync with mine? Failing that, could this be an issue where my own game is struggling to sync to the server?

I seem to have found a temporary if glitchy fix to the rubberbanding, reading some old pre-release forum content and it works. Equiping a weapon with a dash attack and triggering said dash in the direction you want to go whilst stuck in the infinite loop of yoyoing or, avoiding triggering the loop by dashing over the seam in terrain first. My character spazzes out for a good few seconds in an acrobatic show of… something, but after those three seconds inevitably breaks free of the rubber banding and arrives past the point of getting stuck, seemingly having telported. I have successfully been able to free myself three times using the dagger dash attack, so this might be a way forward for anyone else XD

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