Rubberbanding/Teleporting mobs


Online private

Hello everyone, I’m having issues on my private server that I have rented from G-portal - I have spoken to them and they have found no issues. It’s also something that HAS happened on other servers.
Basically mobs are walking backwards and hitting me, they teleport and rubberband. Sometimes I get smacked by mobs from 20-30m away and I basically CANT fight PvE on a PvE server due to all this server lag, or whatever it is.
All mobs are acting weird and just teleporting/rubberbanding. It didnt happen when I started the server 8 days ago - but it’s happening now and it seemingly gets worse.
I’ve reinstalled the game, played with settings and verified game files etc. All drivers up to date.
Also, this has not happened to my friends on the server. It seems to be a problem with ME

RTX 2070
32gb ram
AMD ryzen 2600
Samsung evo SSD (game on it)

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