Rubberbanding, unable to do anything

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Bug Description:

Played the night before, no problems. Logged in in the morning and it started. Appeared in base (it’s on top of a cliff). Immediately started walking (not my controlling). Walked right through the closed door, over the cliff (lost half life), through a small patch of trees (all without me doing anything), finally stopped when a “suicide demon” splattered bringing me to 10% health. Drank an Aloe potion, it disappeared from inventory, but did not heal me. Tried walking back, got half-way and started rubber-banding. Restarted game. Unable to go anywhere (just keeps rubberbanding), sprinting drained stamina, but did not replenish. Ran updates on PC, and Microsoft Store, still won’t work.

Expected Behavior:

To be able to play the games upon logging in

Installed Mods:

No mods.

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Logged in
  2. That’s all
  3. Etc.

Finally got it to work. Server restart + Admin Teleport.

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