Ruins of al- merayah

I just noticed as I was running past the Ruins of al -meyarah. Seen that the surge happening (those tentacles ) spawning in mobs from the isle of siptah??? Is this a new change happening or was a host testing something out?

It would have either been the Blowback or Portal to Yuggoth encounter. If there were tentacles, then probably Portal to Yuggoth.


Ohh gotcha thanks

But the events are on?
And the portal to Yuggoth in al -merayah? This one should not take place at scavenger’s berth?
I’ve been trying to find the events on EL but no luck so far.

I ran into this same encounter at the Ruins of Al-merayah

I killed all the creatures, and then the final boss.

But then… what next? Was that it? Did I miss something?

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