Ruins of the Storm 18+ US RP/Light PVP Server

“Damn this storm!” The woman mutters to herself as she pulls the mask across her face, protecting her skin against the buffering sand. She looks around at her fellow Availians making their way towards the large keep upon the hill. Ravenholdt, home to King Corvus and beacon of light in the West, has turned into a sanctuary against the unnatural weather that came upon the heels of the strange man’s warning.

The King, bless his soul, had taken the words to heart and prepared Ravenholdt for the influx of people. Cots were set up in the main hall, servants quietly made their way from person to person, family to family, ensuring that all had everything that they needed. They had weathered a storm like this before, fifty years ago. Some here had been around then and knew that there was safety in numbers and behind these old walls.

Availia had come a long way since the last storm, the city had been reformed from a pile of crumbling stones to a bustling community. Hell, the entire region had transformed over the last few years. Three Rivers was once just a bunch of tents sitting on the shores where the three rivers of the land meet. Now, there was sturdy buildings with merchants selling all sorts of wares, led by Rio and his wife Eli. Port Dred, once claimed by a Pictish wilding named Krios Dred, had been taken over by a pair of brothers, Thatcher and Rye, and had been turned into a den of debauchery with scantily clad women and blackjack tables. And to the north, New Asagarath had been cleared out of the ruffians that had taken over the city and established as a central hub for all the Northern clans.

And all of that was now in peril. The thought of the danger they all faced brought the raven-haired woman back from her musing. She focused on those around her, falling into line to make her way through the swarm. She knew that some of those she called neighbors and friends wouldn’t survive the coming days. They would need all the help they could get; there would be a need for all people of all races and religions coming together to rebuild the Ruins of the Storm.

Ruins of the Storm is an RP/PVP server with a rich history filled with unique lore. There is a dedicated team of admins and storytellers, some of which have been here since the server was established more than a year ago, that work together to provide each player with individual and server storylines.

RotS has a mix of custom mods, along with Pippi and Conan Sexiles, it runs to create a fully immersive experience for its players. These custom mods have been created by experienced animators and IT professionals, and updated weekly with new content. If you are interested in joining the rest of the Storm Survivors, visit our website at ruinsofthestormdotcom to fill out an application.


Very active server, Great admins, fun events and amazing mod team👍

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