Ruins of the storm Relaunch. Modded. (opens Friday the 13th. 3/13/20)

Ruins of the Storm: Resurrection is bringing back a classic storyline as requested by the community with an all new set of mods designed by the team. Our team mods based on community feedback including custom items, map locations and other features within the scope of our team. We include a class system that we designed and a custom map with a new building system which places ‘Ruins’ of the old lore on the map for players to reclaim as their own in a new canonical storyline continued from the prior iterations.
This server had a life span of two years before closing the doors back in August of 2019. Our players and community created the most magnificent stories and wove a world they were actively changing for the long life span of our server. After the months passed many of those people stayed in my discord community and recently reached out to me, pleading for me to bring back the original storyline. After many hours of debating and planning I decided it was time. Time to resurrect my labor of love for my community.
Ruins is returning with a new chapter of the story. The story takes place 100 years since Conan passed through the exiled lands. The second cataclysmic event that ended the hyborian age is just around the corner.

“The time of King Conan is at an end, gone are his days. The wise have read the stars and the signs of their gods and foretell of a second cataclysm for already doom has come among many as the Age of Hyboria draws to a close. Famine and quakes plague the world of men and even the gods themselves have grown silent to the pleas of their followers. A great migration has begun as stories tell of a land far to the East that is untouched by the troubles of men. A land of mystery, intrigue and fortune, so the legends say. But there is a foul voice on the wind. Something stirs in the dark beyond the sands. Something reaches outward to the desperate realm of men beckoning them hence, beyond the ghost wall. What lies there for you? Will death come swiftly for you? Perhaps you can survive what is left in the Ruins of the Storm.”

Ruins of The Storm: Resurrection
Opening date: the 13th or 14th. 6/13/20- 6/14/20
Age Restrictions: 18+
Location of Server: North America
Max capacity of server: 40
Password protected server
No application process, only character evaluation prior to joining.

Server Settings
XP rate: x2 (plenty of custom quests to help gain more)
Gathering Rate: x1.3 (plenty of custom quests to help gain more)
Day/Night Ratio: 50/40
Hunger/Thirst settings: .1
Drop Equipment on Death: Yes
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
Purge: On

Server Features
Does the Server use Mods?
Yes a combination of custom built mods by the team and in collaboration with well known modders in the Conan community.
The map of this server is overhauled creating an entirely new experience in the Conan Exiles story. Custom lore written by a team of professional and semi professional writers with items added in game to reflect the canon.
Peak Play Times: (This is understood to be approximate and subject to fluctuation) nights 7pm - 3 am EST. (Note: Some of our player base is in Europe and Australia)
Active admin crew plus dedicated modding team.

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