Rules enforcement alert!

How are we going to know about Funcom enforcing the rules in our official server?

Just assume that they already are

they will first need to receive evidence of missbehaviour from a player ( so basically screenshot ) even maybe wait to see if there are more complaints related to the same server ,

then go check it for themsleves if they think it is necessary ,

and if they check and nothing is wrong the person who reported may face consequences or not ,

or if there is infrigement , based on their judgment they will take action ,

I beleive that for complete blocking of obelisks/dungeons in pve / pve C they will destroy the buildings and maybe temporary ban the clan .

and for more complicated cases they may alert the player infringing that he has X amount of time to do the proper changes ect …

but I am not them and this is just what I beleive they will do

The rules apply to all official servers.

If you see someone break the rules, collect evidence and send it to Funcom. They’ll act when they have the time for it (they’ll probably prioritize more serious rulebreaking over something that’s merely annoying).

If you’re wondering whether you’d get caught if you cheated now - well…


and add Ezekiel 25:17 to flavour :slight_smile:

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