Rules of block placement?

Hello, kinda’ newbie here. Question on block placement:

Sometimes I can place a foundation block and then connect others to the side, top, or even bottom, but often I can’t, even though nothing appears in the way.

Also, I’m having trouble finding the right pieces to use as corners in rooftops. All the corners I use don’t connect to the rectangular slanted roof pieces.

[Edit] I think I’ve answered my foundation block question. Since they are foundation blocks, they must connect at some point to the natural ground or mountain, correct?

Is there another cube block that can connect to foundation blocks where there is no ground?

Frequently, if you or a follower walks across an area while trying to place a block, the game will get confused into thinking that space is occupied. Switching to another building piece and then back again will generally correct this and let you place the original block.

If you’re playing on PC, try clicking into the Search box and typing “Roof”. This will cause only roof pieces to be displayed, which should make it easier to find the pieces you are looking for. Note that there are two types of corners: the Sloped Roof Corner, and the Inverted Sloped Roof Corner. The former is what you’d use along the edges of a pyramid, while the latter is what you’d use to make a dormer.

Also, be sure to check the various Feat tabs because there are additional roof pieces that can be unlocked:

You can also put square or wedge-shaped foundations atop ceiling pieces of the same shape. Of course, if something knocks out whatever is holding that ceiling piece in place, then anything atop it will crumble too. Still, it can be a handy trick if you want a really thick floor on an upper story of your house.

In addition to the square and wedge foundations, there are also Fence Foundations and Pillars. Fence Foundations are like walls that you can stick directly in the ground, and they can support walls, fences, etc. atop them.

Pillars are interesting because you can actually extend them downward from a ceiling piece until you eventually touch the ground. In this way, you can make bridges by extending ceilings outward to their limit, extending pillars downward to the ground, and then continuing across with more ceiling tiles.


Thanks, the replies are helpful but I’m still having issues making roofs. The corner pieces all seem to be too short to match the slanted roof sections. I can’t get any pieces to match.

Maybe someone could find the actual part names and tell me. I should think it would take only two different pieces to make a basic roof.

What Larathiel posted are the actual part names. Make sure you’re crafting sloped roof corners, not rooftop corners.

There’s a difference between an Aquilonian Sloped Roof Corner and an Aquilonian Rooftop Corner.


I’m using sloped corners and sloped roof pieces and the roof pieces are twice as high as the corners.

I’ll try to get some screenshots later.

I found the correct corner. Thanks, everyone.

I found only one horizontal roof piece. Will the selection increase as I level?

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