Rules of Claiming Land, Abandoning Land, & Transfer of Land

I Love this game and am very curious the in’s and out’s of Land Claiming. Discussion is open to all info that maybe relevant. For example, you claim a piece of land then join a clan and build a Nice Base Build and decide to leave the clan. In doing so all the building you have done is given away to the clan as well as the land. What are the rules of Transfer? What are some General rules of Claiming Land. How big is too big and what is a fair amount on a build size. What are the permissions granted and are their ways to limit access to your land from the clan?

There are no mechanics for transfer - other than as you noted, joining a clan transfers it all to them (no backsies possible).

As for what’s acceptable - that all comes down to the rules of the server you play on. For officials that seems to be some rather nebulous thing about not overbuilding, and not building in the ‘wrong’ places - even though the game allows you to build there. Ultimately, hope you don’t get reported, fairly or otherwise. A base deletion and/or ban can come if the guys at Zendesk had a bad day.


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