Run 2 istances of CE on different folders, same or another HDD

So, i would like to create a copy of the installation folder of CE, on the same HDD, or in another (i had two), to can run a fresh SP/Coop and test some Mods without adding dead controllers to my actual savegame.

Is that possible? some have tried to do? this will mess with Funcom Live Services, stuffs from Battlepass and Baazar?

Thank you.

Or you can use bugle for easy save management.


Thank you, i will take a look for sure later, if this allows an easy save management about Mods and savegame, it’s the perfect tool :slight_smile:

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Generally, you can have a 2nd installation by coping the whole CE folder but you will have to start that game from the local exe, not steam. I can imagine it won’t be more convenient than using bugle because of the mods. Bugle allows to save modslists and load them from the files. You can also create different restore points/backups so this can work better for you.

If you own Siptah and you are not playing on that map, you can use it as your testing ground since by default it has a different save/database than EL.


I’ve done a quick read about, and sounds very nice, also the Dev sounds like a good guy, listening to suggestions and fast into bug fixing, very good.

Yeah, i own also Siptah (all the DLC’S), i’ve played some in this, but this orange shade of the lighning really don’t fits my taste, so it’s more than a dead savegame.

Netherless, i will just run a new clean savegame, adding the Mods i would like to try and then dropping the savegame when done.

Thank you very very much, i was unaware of this tool. :smiley:


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