Running Conan Exiles shuts down other programs

I can’t say for sure whether this issue is local to my machine, not having another PC capable of running CE available to me. So this is perhaps not so much a bug report (yet, anyway) as it is a query whether others are seeing what I see.

But I’ve noticed that running Conan Exiles shuts down other programs. Notably Photoshop, and (I think) 3ds Max. I should perhaps mention that these are 100% legit programs, as I have a sometimes-work-from-home deal with my employer, who has therefore provided licenses to those (and other) softwares. So there’s no risk of it being some shady pirated executable or other nonsense, just to head off that line of inquiry.

I don’t believe it’s a case of my PC running out of RAM, I have plenty and it’d probably (at the very least) result in a popup or similar prior to shutdown if that was the case. The programs aren’t given the chance to shut down normally, nor do they ask me to “save unsaved work”, it’s as if the process is just terminated.

So, has anyone experienced the same or similar issues - or conversely, are you having no issues keeping Photoshop alive after running CE?

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